Isotopes of Boron (Z=5)

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Isotope Half-life Spin Parity Decay Mode(s) or Abundance
7B 1.4 MeV(3/2-) %XP=100
8B 770 ms2+ %EC+%B+=100, %EC2A=100
9B 0.54 keV3/2- %2AP=100
10B stable3+ %Abundance=19.9 2
11B stable3/2- %Abundance=80.1 2
12B 20.20 ms1+ %B-=100, %B-3A=1.58 30
13B 17.36 ms3/2- %B-=100, %B-N=0.28 4
14B 13.8 ms 2- %B-=100
15B 10.5 ms %B-=100
16B 200 ps (0-) %N=100
17B 5.08 ms(3/2-) %B-=100, %B-N=?